Order a Copy of Your Registration

Why order a copy of your registration?
• Misplaced or destroyed
• Needed to prove registration when moving to another state
• Moved to a new address and need it mailed to the new location
Delivery Method:
Mailed within 7-10 business days
Acceptable forms of payment:
What is a registration copy?
This is an exact duplicate of the registration as it currently reflects on the vehicle record complete with registration document and accompanying sticker for the plate. If you’re currently expired on your registration, the copy will show the expired date. This does not update the registration in any way.
Which vehicle registration copies can be ordered?
All regular vehicle registrations can be ordered. Boat registrations copies cannot be ordered through this application and must be purchased at a field office.
How much does it cost?
A $1.25 transaction fee is collected in addition to the registration itself which is $5.00. The $1.25 fee is charged by our payment processor and is not kept by the New Mexico Motor Vehicle Division.
Required for this transaction:
• Plate Number and the last six numbers of the VIN (Vehicle Identification Number)
• Valid Method of Payment
• Printer
• Email address
Be Sure to Verify All Entries
Before submitting your transaction, please verify that all data you've entered is correct and complete.
Tracking Your Transaction
At the end of your transaction, you will receive a transaction identification number on-screen. It is important that you note this number for future reference and correspondence with the MVD. You can print the confirmation page or wait for the email confirmation if you chose to enter it during the payment step. Once your transaction has been received and processed, you should receive an email from us within three (3) business days. ** If your email service uses spam filtering, please be sure to allow email from 12345@state.nm.us, or you may not receive confirmation of your transaction.

If you need to RENEW vehicle registration, click here .